Support Advocate (Res. PT) (65)

Company Name:
Seven Hills Foundation
Residential Direct Support Staff and Residence Directors are part of a professional team responsible for assisting each individual to live a safe, enjoyable life in their community with opportunities to learn and to exercise increasing independence and control over their lives. The people we support participate in hiring, training and evaluation of employees who work with them. The agency and its employees are responsible to the people we support. This direct support position is responsible for the provision of day-to-day services to program participants.
To treat all individuals with dignity and respect.
To support individuals to take control of their lives, to make wise decisions that enhances their ability to reach their goals. To support individuals to take on as much control as possible over the routines and activities in their home.
To teach, assist and support individuals in the community and at home so that the individual is able to learn, practice and master skills that enable him/her to enhance his/her status by assuming socially valued roles.
To support each individual's existing relationships and increase their networks of friends and acquaintances.
To insure that all individuals are supported to explore and express their interest for community membership.
Commitment to assisting people with developmental disabilities to participate fully in the life of their community.
Safe passenger vehicle and good driving record, adequate insurance, license.
Varied interests and personal connections in the local community.
Proven record of conscientious, responsible behavior (work, volunteer or school history).
Ability to work as part of a team. Positive, constructive.
High school diploma or equivalent.
Date: 2014-09-19
Country: US
State: MA
City: New Bedford
Postal Code: 02745
Job Type: Regular Part-Time

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